Professional Wedding and Honeymoon Photography on the Canary Islands
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Are you planning to have your wedding / honeymoon on the Canary Islands? Do not miss the chance to get your memories captured by pro photographers.

With nearly 20 years of experience and a professional equipment we are ready to take your event pictures on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

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Wedding & Honeymoon photoshot

Are you spending your honeymoon on Tenerife,? Do you have your camera to record your wonderful trip at this beautiful place? We sure you do. But how can you have both of you on the pictures?


We have good news! A professional photographer is at your service to provide outstanding photos of your honeymoon in Tenerife. We make your stay unforgettableon the Canary Islands. We organize a full day guided tour in Tenerife, and during the day we take pictures as you visit all the beautiful sights. We follow you during the day and take both portraits and spontaneous “paparazzi type” pictures. See our packages here...


We present your digitally retouched wedding photos a few days after your wedding on a DVD in different formats:

Beautiful Wedding Tenerife

- We make slideshow DVD with music, which you can play in a computer.
- We make an exclusive wedding album, Fine Art album or photobook according to your preferences.
- We make professional photo prints and posters according to your needs.





1. If you plan to have your wedding on Tenerife, Fuerteventura or Gran Canaria or any of the Canary Islands and the photos taken by your guests and relatives are just not good enough.


2. If you need beautiful, memorable pictures from qualified photographers and more than than average wedding photos.


3. If you want to have new fashion style photos on your big day when you look your best.


4. If you wish to have the best wedding moments captured.


5. If you want to make sure that your wedding pictures are unique, and much more better than the "average" wedding pictures.




What does it mean?

It is very simple: not only one but two photographers working on your wedding.

It means that the two of us shoot from two angles at the same time. This technique is beneficial when there are a lot of very important events to capture at two different places. The true essence of this type of photography is united work between the two photographers. They need to know, feel and even foretell each other’s moves. Since we are a couple ourselves, no question how we can manage that. So if you are planning your wedding on Tenerife, do not hesitate to call us.



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