Are you spending your honeymoon inTenerife? Do you have your camera to record your wonderful trip on this beautiful island? We sure you do. But how can you have both of you on the pictures? We have good news. A professional photographer is at your service to provide outstanding photos of your Canary Islands honeymoon.

We make your stay unforgettable! We organize a guided island tour and during the day we visit the sights and take pictures at the same time. We follow you during the day and take both portraits and spontaneous “paparazzi” pictures.





A full day creative and photojournalistic or report photoshoot with two professional photographers and a guided tour on the island of Tenerife.

10.00 am / Getting startded

- We pick you up at your hotel with an air-conditioned van. Throughout the tour we (Evi and Csaba) are in charge for taking pictures, while our local bus driver is driving us and our guide is showing us around the island.


10.30 am / Guia de Isora

- Creative photoshoot at Guia de Isora as a warm-up for the day.

- Tasting: We will get a taste of the local coffee specialty called barraquito. We will also get a glimpse of the local traditional dresses and some interesting souvenirs. During this both of us are taking photojournalistic type of photos of you and your guests.



12.00 am / Garachico – the Pompeii of Canaria

- Walk in Garachico
: As you are walking through the remains of the city that was destroyed by the lava in 1706, we are capturing the best moments of your walk.


- Lunch: We invite you for a lunch in a local restaurant. During our two or three course meal and a good wine, we get a chance to relax a bit. Not for the photographers though, as we will continue capturing the most memorable moments.

- Creative photoshoot in the volcanic pools: We take photos of you in the creative atmosphere of the natural pools created by the eruption.


2.00 pm / Icod de los Vinos

- Walk in Icod de los Vinos: During the photoshoot we take a look at the wonderful 1000 years old dragon tree, El Drago. Its curiosity is that it is not a tree, but a 14m tall and 4.5m diagonal ancient lily.

- Tasting: We get to taste some local banana, drago and ronmiel flavoured spirits.

- We visit the San Marcos church, where they keep a 49kg silver cross from the 16th century is kept.

- Photoshoot in Plaza de Pila park: The park is a little botanic garden, where anything from the Australian ficus to the Madagascar pandeus can be found. Here we have a creative photoshoot.


3.30pm / Puerto de la Cruz

- Walk in Puerto de la Cruz: We take a nice walk on the Lago Martinez shore, surrounded by wonderful plants. We also reach the old port, the favourite place of the local surfers, where huge waves hit the black rocks on the beach. Throughout the walk we take beach photos of you – romantic or fun, it is up to you.


4.30pm / The Teide

- Walk on the Teide: At 3718 m above sea level, the Teide is the highest volcano in Spain. We reach the top at 2250m through a wonderful road from the direction of La Esperanza. We will stop several times during the walk for photos. The amazing clouds, the valley of La Orotava and the Teide will serve as a perfect scenery.




- Creative photoshoot at the Garcia Rocks: In the Teide National Park (Parque Nacional del Teide) we find the Garcia Rocks. The remains of the Teide and the Las Canadas volcano provide a moon-like background for our photoshoot. Prepare yourselves for a serious fashion photoshoot!

- The Queen’s shoe: On the way back we stop by the 3126m high eroded rock called Pico Viejo, aka The Queen’s shoe. After we take a walk, we make our way down the hill towards your hotel.



6.30pm / Arriving at your hotel

- At the end of the day we arrive back to your hotel with hundreds of pictures and full of experiences.





About our styles:

We make illustrative and fashion type of photos, what we call "creative photo shoot". During this shoot we find the best angle and best lights to takepictures of you, while composing it together with the beautiful scenery. Only the best images will be put into your fine art photo album. During the photoshoot we use flashes, lamps and reflectors – in case needed. We try our best to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere for the photoshoot. The photos will reflect the fun times and laughters.

Another type of the photo shoot is the photojournalistic style.This type of photography is about capturing moments, emotions and gestures. As opposed to the creative photoshoot, in this case there are no interactions or instructions. These pictures are natural and candid and spontaneous. We try to remain unnoticed and take pictures from a longer distance, for which we use long lenses.

About the finished photos:

During our island tour we take a couple thousand pictures. From these we pick 500 pieces, of which each gets a digital retouching and finish in two sizes (web size and print size). We also prepare a 30 page, 30x30cm, metallic covered fine art album with the best creative pictures. The best report photos will be put together in a 32 page printed photobook. You will also get a slideshow DVD with music, which you can play in any DVD player. Your 500 photos will be uploaded into a password-protected online album.




In case you have your wedding gown around and you do not mind it getting a bit (or a lot) wet, we offer you an extra photoshoot at the beach. Get ready for playing around in the water and the sand. In case you are too tired, we can postpone this session to the next day.