About us:


With nearly twenty years of experience, our photography is consistent, reliable yet energetic, creative and versatile. As an acknowledged photographers we always aims for the best and looks for new challenges. Our main goal is not only to impress the customers, but to improve and create something new to ourself as well.


We are not only a companion but a complementary to each oter. Our fresh vision and all-around creativity gives new perspective to both of our photography.


We are Anita & Krisztián, we live in Tenerife. We are professional destination photographers. We are married, which is an enormous advantage for our joint and harmonized work.

Weddings are our life, we travel around the world to take photos in premium category. Photography is an art wherewith we achieve not only our customer's dreams, but ours as well.

In our visual art we stand for representing emotions, beauty, harmony and elegance. The quality is our priority.

Continuous improvement is very important for us, therefore we constantly train ourselves and we follow new trends.